Are you looking to: Launch a marketplace? Raise capital? Hire and manage a large team? Track unit economics? Adapt your business model? Solving your chicken and the egg problem?

Learn from the world's largest and fastest growing marketplaces from around the world on how to build and scale your very own marketplace. 

Hanging with Pawel Szymczyk from Helping

Gen caught up with Pawel in Berlin. Helpling is an online platform for household-related services that allows users to book legally employed cleaners in a fast and convenient way. Founded in 2014, Helpling is becoming a leading online portal for high-quality household help, with attractive rates and insurance provided for all its cleaners.
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Hanging with Kelton Person from Shiftgig

Gen caught up with Kelton Person from Shiftgig. Shiftgig connects hourly workers and businesses through a mobile application. Aiming to streamline and modernize the traditional staffing industry, it develops an employment-related mobile application, where employees can claim jobs in real-time.
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Hanging with Neha Kesarwani from Vertoe

Gen caught up with Neha Kesarwani from Vertoe. Vertoe is an on-demand, short-term luggage storage service that offers 200+ secure locations to store luggage citywide across 9 major cities in the US: New York City, Washington DC, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle. 
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Hanging With Kimberly McIntosh from Buddee.Fitness

Gen caught up with Kimberly from Buddee.Fitness. Buddee saw a couple of problems within the fitness industry: Clients were struggling to find fitness assistance & didn’t know where to start. And, Fitness professionals were battling to maintain a sustainable career. So they decided to fix it by launching a marketplace for trainers and clients to connect.
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Hanging With Pan Koutlakis from EatClub

Gen caught up with Pan Koutlakis from EatClub.  EatClub is a world-first app that allows restaurants with empty tables to immediately upload last minute deals that you can redeem. Through EatClub, restaurants can fill their spare tables and customers can eat out for up to 50% off. It’s a win-win for both parties! 
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Hanging with Venetia Archer from Ruuby

Gen caught up with Venetia Archer from Ruuby while she was in New York. Ruuby is London's first digital beauty concierge, offering five star beauty services to private clients, corporates, hotel groups and luxury concierge services. Calling on our network of over 600 professionally vetted, experienced beauty providers, we deliver consistently high-quality beauty services to our clients. Services can be booked at the home, office, or hotel, and we also cater to large events, weddings and VIPs. 
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Hanging with Jody Mlikota & Nicky Jurd from Gathar

Gathar is on a mission to change the way you entertain at home. Through the Gathar marketplace, cooks and chefs connect with hosts looking to create amazing dinner parties at home, without the hard work.

For those who love to cook, Gathar offers the opportunity to turn your passion into cash. As a Culinarian you design your own menus and deliver awesome dining experiences at homes in your local area.
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Hanging With Jim Groves from RubberDesk

Gen caught up with Jim Groves from RubberDesk. Rubberdesk is a marketplace for office space, so there are people who have office space (Hosts) and people who need office space (Guests). Hosts include Coworking spaces, Serviced offices and anyone with spare desks or offices for rent. Guests might be freelancers, small teams or large businesses who want office space without the hassle.
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Hanging with Alice Pritchard-Davies and Millie Zinner from Motherhood App

Gen caught up with Alice and Millie from Motherhood. Motherhood App, a free mobile app connecting mums with each other (and other carers) in the ‘hood for flexible child-minding.  It’s all about mums supporting each other to find the balance they need to be the best version of themselves, creating a local support network that enables them to follow their dreams - whether that be spending time doing a hobby, starting a business, continuing their careers, or having some ‘me-time’.
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A Chat With Matthew De La Hay and Alex Hanson-Smith from inploi

Gen caught up with Matthew De La Hey and Alex Hanson-Smith from inploi. They are building a platform to connect the world’s workforce with its employers, and with each other. They think it should be easy for people to obtain information, to advertise and access job opportunities, to network and make connections, and ultimately to be better informed and more successful in their careers. 
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A Chat With Justin Hales from Camplify

Gen caught up with Justin Hales, CEO of Camplify. Camplify was borne out of the 2014 NRMA Slingshot Jumpstart Program - a corporate accelerator run by Australia’s largest breakdown cover provider. This high-tech accelerator provides seed funding and a mentoring program to enable talented entrepreneurs to build remarkable, innovative companies. Our peer-to-peer caravan hire and RV sharing service was developed by an Aussie team of camping & caravanning lovers who saw a need for something new. The idea came from CEO Justin Hales’ childhood love of caravanning.
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A Chat With Charles Armitage, CEO of Florence

Gen caught up with Charles, who is CEO of Florence: an online marketplace where self-employed nurses can find high-paying shifts across the UK, removing the hassle of booking through agencies. 

Prior to starting Florence, Charles was working as a doctor in South London mainly in the fields of Emergency Medicine and Surgery. Charles decided to start Florence following some of his own experiences working as a locum doctor in the NHS. He found it frustrating how he had no choice over the work he could pick and had to do whatever he was given by his agency. He also hated the way doctors and nurses were treated when they arrived for a new shift. And the rest is history! 
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A Chat with Levi Aron from Deliveroo

Deliveroo is one of the fastest growing hyperlocal marketplaces in the world. Gen George from tamme caught up with Levi Aron, their Australian Country Manager; to talk about both his and Deliveroo’s journey, spending time with customers, managing both sides of the marketplace, and growth.
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A Chat with Ben Nowlan from On The Dot

Gen caught up with Ben, who is the current CRO of On the dot. A retail delivery and technology company by CitySprint. 

Prior to this Ben has held senior roles in multi-national companies such as Groupon and Corporate Executive Board as well as founding a series of technology businesses. Most recently Ben was the founder and CEO of Sherpa, a pioneer in last mile technology and delivery services. Ben also advises and  acts on board of a number of technology companies.
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A Chat with Adam Broadway from Near Me

Gen caught up with Adam Broadway , the CEO of Near Me.   

Near Me help entrepreneurs and brands all over the world turn their idea into a reality by powering their Peer-to-Peer and Business-to-Business marketplace.  Think of them as a Whitelabel Ebay / Whitelabel AirBnB / Whitelabel Upwork / Whitelabel LinkedIn  

Near Me are used by marketplaces around the work like: , DesksNear.Me , Share Shed Inc , etc.   
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A Chat with Mike Rosenbaum from Spacer

Gen caught up with CEO and founder of Spacer, Mike Rosenbaum. 

Mike is a self-professed tech nerd, serial entrepreneur and Founder of Spacer. With over 14 years of hands-on experience building tech startups including DealsDirect and Auction brokers, through to ASX listing and M&A activity. Mike brings immense passion, drive and a laser focus on the end-to-end customer experience.
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A Chat with Marshall Hughes from Passel

I caught up with Marshall Hughes, the CEO and founder of Passel.

Passel began with a throwaway line:  “One day you’ll be shopping in the hardware store and your phone will ping with a message that Mrs Jones, who lives around the corner from you, has just bought a shovel online. If you deliver it on the way home, we’ll give you a $10 gift voucher”.  

Of course, that hasn’t happened, so he figured he’d go and do it himself.  
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A Chat with Adam Edgell-Bush from Homyze

I caught up with Adam from Homyze, based out of London. Adam was previously COO and Principal of a leading London residential property developer. It was whilst working with this developer that Adam observed the lack of any relationship between prices and the quality of work. Determined to change this, he founded Homyze with Andrew.
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A Chat with Will Davies from CarNextDoor

Gen caught up with Will Davies, the Cofounder of Car Next Door. Will is focused on building businesses that reduce the amount of CO2 emitted by humans and help preserve the environment.  

Before co-founding Car Next Door, Will founded several successful ventures in the mortgage & real estate industries. Namely: Scope Lending, a mortgage broking business that he sold in 2008 & Keypoint Holdings, which buys houses in the US.  Will served on the Board of Directors for Halotechnics ( a company that developed breakthrough materials to enable solar thermal plants to generate electricity 24 hours a day. Will also currently serves on the Board of Directors for Fishburners, a not-for-profit co-working hub that caters for tech start ups.
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A Chat with Jake Dimarco from Spare Workspace

Gen caught up with Jake Dimarco, the CEO and founder of Spare Workspace. In 2015, Jake launched Spare Workspace:  an online marketplace for short-term workspace where businesses can share their workspace with others. 

We caught up to discuss all things two sided marketplaces, scaling, teams and raising capital. 

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Two Sided Marketplaces & The Key Metrics You Should Be Measuring

Two sided marketplaces are where you have two distinct user groups: you have supply on one side and demand on the other and generally in a hyperlocal area. Examples around the world include: Deliveroo, Uber, OpenTable, Turo, Quiqup etc. Where they all have thousands and even millions of people on one side looking for something in their local area. Like on Glamazon ( where a user is looking for a professional to come and do a manicure on demand in their home and a manicurist is looking for work in their local area. 
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A Chat with Ilter Dumduz from Blys

Ilter is a recognized leader in Australia’s tech ecosystem with a strong track record in product management & growth, and has been featured in Business Insider, TechCrunch and Startup Daily.  

Prior to Blys, Ilter held senior product roles at some of Australia’s most successful technology ventures such as and, and is currently a mentor at Founder Institute and co-organiser of one of Australia’s largest product meetups Product Hunt Sydney.
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A Chat with Billy Crock from Hometime

Gen caught up with Billy Crock, founder of Hometime.

Hometime features step-by-step information to home improvement, remodelling, and repair. Projects include decks, kitchen and bathroom remodelling, landscaping, gardening, plumbing, electrical, flooring, home workshop, and more.
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A Chat with Alexis Soulopoulos from Madpaws

Gen caught up with Alexis Soulopoulos, CEO and co-founder of Mad Paws.

Mad Paws is a Sydney-based startup that was created to fill in the ever growing need in the pet boarding market for affordable, and local pet accommodation whilst still maintaining the care, love, and attention pets received at high-end, expensive, pet boarding services.
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A Chat with Noga Edelstein and Elke Keeley from UrbanYou

Gen caught up with Noga Edelstein and Elke Keeley, founders of UrbanYou.

No more missed appointments, or calling your cleaner or gardener wondering if they’ll even show up. All professionals using the UrbanYou platform have been through a rigorous screening process so you can trust them to do a great job every time.
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A Chat with Stacey Jacobs from TidyMe

Gen caught up with Stacey Jacobs, founder of TidyMe.

After getting a taste of the startup landscape back in 2009 when Stacey was interviewing for (then) fledgling startups like Waze and Shapeways for Contagious Magazine in London, she decided startups were where she wanted to be. Fast paced environment + technology… Stacey was sold. 

After initially bootstrapping Tidy Me, Stacey raised $750K through Airtree VC in March 2015 allowing her to build out the team working across Product, Marketing and Operations. They used the investment to accelerate the growth of the two sided marketplace, creating the best quality network of cleaners, powered by technology built to maximise efficiency and improve utilisation. 
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A Chat with Harry Uffindell from Airbnb

Gen caught up with Harry Uffindell, Head of Business Operations at Airbnb.

Founded in August of 2008 and based in San Francisco, California, Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world — online or from a mobile phone or tablet.

Watch the video here or look below to read the transcript:
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A Chat with Reza Keshavarzi from WipeHero

Gen caught up with Reza Keshavarzi, Founder of WipeHero.

Founded and based in Sydney, WipeHero brings the carwash to you, wherever you are, using their very own developed waterless technology - From custom to fleet vehicles, homeowner to business, it's the new and convenient way to get your car washed.

Watch the video here or look below to read the transcript:
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A Chat with Taryn Williams from TheRight.Fit

Gen caught up with Taryn Williams, Founder of TheRight.Fit. is a global marketplace to connect talent with brands & clients, locally and around the world. It's a simple and beautiful way to find the right talent for your next project. It's a community of models, actors, photographers, makeup artists, stylists, and more, all in one place for you to book in a simple and seamless way.
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A Chat with Lauren Silvers & Lisa Maree from Glamazon

Gen caught up with Lauren Silvers and Lisa Maree, Co-Founders of Glamazon. 

Glamazon is Australia's number one beauty booking app allowing customers to instantly search, book and pay for beauty services. Conveniently book a mobile beauty professional straight to your door via iPhone or Android. Book services such as hair colour, haircuts, blowdries, makeup, massage, facials, manicures. Perfect for weddings, fashion shoots, head shots, event and functions. 
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A Chat with Jenna Leo from Home Care Heroes

Gen caught up with Jenna, one of the founders of Home Care Heroes. 

Home Care Heroes is a social startup harnessing the power of community to combat social isolation. They are disrupting the aged and disability care industry by trying to build long lasting connections and relationships rather than just provide services.  They have the best people in the community helping out where they are most needed!
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A Chat with Paul Clifford from Meal Pal

Gen caught up with Paul Clifford, Country Manager of MealPal. 

MealPal is changing the way lunch works. Consumers get lunch from some of the best restaurants in their city. With over 1000 restaurants to choose from, getting a delicious and affordable lunch has never been easier! Restaurants in the MealPal network reach new customers while increasing revenue during peak lunch hours. Each restaurant in the MealPal network offers one lunch option per day, enabling them to efficiently grow their lunch time operations.
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A Chat with Malvina Russo from Airsorted

Gen caught up with Malvina Russo, Country Manager of Airsorted. 

Airsorted makes hosting on Airbnb Hassle-free. Airsorted are an Airbnb management company using technology to create an infrastructure for the fast-growing sharing community.

Airsorted dramatically increase property yields and handle everything from cleaning to guest communication, laundry to key exchanges and reviews to pricing. They take care of everything - so you don't have to, all whilst helping you make the most from your property.

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A Chat with Bassel El-Koussa from Quiqup

After their successful launch across the UK, we chatted about their rapid growth and expansion internationally.

Quiqup is an on-demand delivery service, revolutionising the way in which companies and consumers connect to local London retailers and restaurants. Whatever you need, from food and drink to useful items and gifts, simply place your order via the app and Quiqup will collect and deliver it to your door within the hour. 
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A Chat with Steve Fanale from DriveYello

DriveYello is revolutionising how food is being delivered. Franchises, cafes, restaurants, and pizza joints are posting delivery jobs and need reliable drivers and riders to deliver their food.

Gen caught up with Steve Fanale, CEO of DriveYello, to talk about his journey, where DriveYello is headed, and how to retain top talent.
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A Chat with Ben Nowlan from Sherpa

This week Gen sits down with Ben Nowlan, one of the co founders of Sherpa. Watch the video (or read the transcript) of them chatting about last mile delivery, double sided marketplaces and what’s next in the retail and logistics space.
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A Chat with Simon Smith from Nabo

Nabo is an online community to make it easy for local neighbourhoods to connect and interact. Gen caught up with Simon Smith, the new CEO of Nabo, to talk about his journey, where Nabo is headed, and how to retain top talent.
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A Chat with Billy Tucker from Oneflare

Billy is currently the CEO of Oneflare and Word of Mouth Online, Australia’s fastest growing online marketplace for services and the largest Services focused reviews platform. Oneflare has a growing team of over 80 staff, all based in Sydney.
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