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tamme measures the supply and demand of a marketplace in 1.2sqm blocks everywhere around the world and determines what the deficit is for each category of your marketplace in each block. tamme’s analytics platform is built specifically for double-sided marketplaces. 

Not only is tamme great at being able to visualise supply and demand down to a postcode level, but it also understands the relationships and actions between entities. For example, ‘Ben’ took a ‘Ride’ with ‘Ian’, or ‘Jennifer’ ‘Bought’ pot plants from ‘Pottery Barn’. Making it far easier to understand and interpret user actions on the marketplace.


Because tamme integrates all the way from your analytics through to the impressions that users see tamme's able to gain a holistic picture of your marketplace. All success measures are brought back to both moving users through funnel stages and final/repeat goal conversions, such as ordering a meal, booking a car or hiring a staff member. 

Then all expenditure (including integrations with your payment gateway and accounting software) is measured back to simple unit economics: ACV, CAC, CTS, Churn rate, MRR and CLV. This allows all marketing activities that tamme undertakes to be tied directly back to the core function of the business instead of being measured by vanity marketing metrics.