Nurturing through Behavioural, Intent and Habit Tracking

tamme tracks your users' behaviours across the web and all devices. In order to map out customer intents for each and all of your users. Using this data tamme is able to gently nudge your users towards the ideal habits for your marketplace. While also not spending on ads when a user was likely to repurchase anyway. 

Real Time Bidding

tamme rotates and A/B tests the different ad templates that you’ve uploaded in order to try and determine the most effective version. It also uses the results from previous conversions to start to predict which templates are most likely to convert a user based on the predictive model that’s been built up over time.

This allows it to pick adverts at a user by user level instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.
After you upload or create an ad template tamme begins to analyse the different features, display options, and dynamic content fields. It then starts to predict and test different variations to build out a predictive model that can determine which features, wording, and images are likely to get a user to move to the next stage in the funnel.

Retargeting & Notifications

By using the Real Time Bidder tamme is able to retarget users across ~80% of likely advertising inventory. On top of this, tamme integrates with the retargeting functions of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in order to ensure that the right message can reach the user at exactly the right time. Once you have collected the user details through the analytics platform, you can setup transactional notifications based on events, or combinations of events. 

Eg: when a user signs up. tamme also has the ability to use these channels as part of the advertising channel mix and as part of campaigns, such as a user on boarding journey.