Sydney Marketplace Meet Up

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Hosted by: Millie Zimmer (Motherhood App) & Will Davies (Car Next Door)
Fireside Chat with Will Davies , Car Next Door
The Sharing Hub | Pyrmont | Sydney, NSW 2009 | Australia
16th November 2018 from  12:30 pm to 2:30 pm (AEST)

After a few fire alarms, the meet up ended up out side of the building safely and in the park! 

Will is the CEO and Co-Founder of Car Next Door. Will, with his co-founder Dave, launched the Car Next Door pilot in Bondi in December 2012.  By October 2018 Car Next Door was facilitating 10,000 bookings a month and has paid out owners more than $10m. Along the way they've tested and transitioned through 3 different hardware solutions to allow access to cars, developed their own custom peer-to-peer car sharing platform, built their team to 60 people and raised over $12M of capital. 

Interviewed by Millie and Alice from Motherhood App. Motherhood App, a free mobile app connecting mums with each other (and other carers) in the ‘hood for flexible child-minding.  It’s all about mums supporting each other to find the balance they need to be the best version of themselves, creating a local support network that enables them to follow their dreams - whether that be spending time doing a hobby, starting a business, continuing their careers, or having some ‘me-time’.

Alice Pritchard-Davies is CEO & Co-Founder of Motherhood App. Alice has a brand and strategic marketing background at Virgin Mobile, Mars, and most recently Universal Music managing the launch of Spotify in Australia.

Millie Zinner is Co-Founder of Motherhood App. Millie spent the 16 years prior to Motherhood's launch working in the childcare industry, and has a deep understanding of the sector in Australia.