Sydney Marketplace Meet Up

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Sydney Marketplace Meet Up - 20th June 2018, The Bristol Arms Rooftop, 81 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000
Bec Faye, Jake Dimarco, Natalie Piucco, Justin Hales, Steve Fanale, Stacey Jacobs, Alexandra Aguirre Tully, Vanouhi Nazarian, Ilter Dumduz, Addy Pong, Iman Davamoni, Meen Thamsongsana, Leigh Davidson, Nathanael Vanderkolk, Tes Thomas, Emma House, chris muir, Nicole Dwyer, Sy Chan, Geoff Main, Joanna Downer, Malvina Russo, Aisha Khan, Ryan Cross, AJAY MALGAONKAR, Xanthe Reynolds, Kevin Jochelson, Nepolean Harikrishnan, Sy Chan, Natasha Lang, shawn tian, Chloe Beevers, Natasha Lang, Steve Fu, Praveer shetty, Vedika Kedia, Ann Phan, Haim Jacobowitz, Joice Alarcon, Edward Kim, Carl Anderson, Aleisha Zhao, Addy Pong, Natasha Lang, Joshua Armstrong, Xanthe Reynolds, Joanna Downer, Anthony Sochan, Matthew Gregory, Sophia Witherington, Dan Ahchiw, Breanna Le


Marketplace Meet Up is all about two sided marketplaces around the world connecting, shared learnings and growing your businesses!
We hold local city meet ups around the world and use the group to stay in touch afterwards. The local events are run by local marketplace ambassadors, so if you would like to get involved, please contact:

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