Budget Selection

Because tamme’s analytics understand the behaviours and locations of all of the users in your marketplace, it’s able to predict where best to spend your advertising budget for the maximum effect. Channel examples: Facebook, Google Adwords, Instagram etc. Every time an ad is run tamme learns what works and what doesn’t. By using this data tamme is able to predict which channels are most likely to get the best results.

Predictive Creative Optimization

tamme rotates and A/B tests the different ad templates that you’ve uploaded in order to try and determine the most effective version. It also uses the results from previous conversions to start to predict which templates are most likely to convert a user based on the predictive model that’s been built up over time. This allows it to pick adverts at a user by user level instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. 

After you upload or create an ad template tamme begins to analyse the different features, display options, and dynamic content fields. It then starts to predict and test different variations to build out a predictive model that can determine which features, wording, and images are likely to get a user to move to the next stage in the funnel. 

Because tamme has an analytics platform that understands the way that your users interact with your marketplace it’s able to use predictive analytics to choose the best content for each template and is able to dynamically change the content with all of the data contained in the analytics platform.

Scale Strategically

As tamme breaks down everything to a 1.2 sqm grid, it is able to determine specifically which areas are performing well according to your marketplace unit economics. tamme is then able to look at the behaviours and intents of the marketplaces users and to mimic this grid in other areas. 

It starts first by seeding supply and demand in a grid with similar users that could sign up to your most successful grids. tamme will then test to see what works and try to kick start a grid. If it gets traction, tamme will then scale this grid accordingly. Almost like a virus!